Ellie Wallwork

Actress, Singer, Songwriter

Ellie is a young performer who has been blind since birth.  She is an accomplished actor in Film, TV and Radio, and has been a singer/songwriter for many years. Ellie is well known for her high profile roles in Doctor Who and Call The Midwife.

Film work

Here Comes Frieda (2020 release) - Lily

Ellie takes the lead role in a Sci-Fi short movie, set in a future America

Sci-Fi Short Film: "Here Comes Frieda" | DUST Exclusive

Imagine - dir. Andrzej Jakimowski (2012) - Ian's student


Imaginethefilm.org official website


Trailer - Toronto International Film Festival


TV and Radio work

Doctor Who - Series 11 Episode 9 (2018) - Hanne

Ellie guest-stars in this episode, in an iconic role for blind performers and a first for Doctor Who.


Episode Trailer - "It Takes You Away"

Doctor Who Series 11 Episode 9 - It Takes You Away

Ellie's interview on BBC Radio 4's In Touch


Interview with Ellie on BBC Breakfast

Interview on BBC Radio 5 Live

Call the Midwife - Series 9 Episode 7 (2020) - Marion Irmsby

Ellie guest-stars as a young blind mother, the first ever blind actor in a leading role in the series.


Blind School - BBC Radio 4 Drama (2019) - Nina

Ellie is the lead actor, as a young girl starting at a special school for the blind

Blind School - BBC Radio 4 Drama

On location at the recording in Worcester College 




Acting agency enquiries: louise@visablepeople.com

Imagine - The Film


Still from the movie - with Ed Hogg and multinational team

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Ellie on BBC Breakfast

Interview on her ground-breaking role in Doctor Who. 


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Call The Midwife

Ellie as Marion with on-screen husband Dylan Llewelyn

Ellie at the studio with engineer Joe
recording Too Young

On set at the recording of BBC Radio 4 drama Blind School

Volunteering at Bushy Parkrun with Maddy and Rebecca

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On set at Doctor Who

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Ellie with Mandip

Ellie with Tosin

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